Friend News: Fall Olympics

Hello! You look nice today. Sean here.

I’m writing you from semi-balmy Seattle, WA. It’s a short week, and i’m a little behind.

In this issue: Links to stuff I’m currently watching, working on, and eating.

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What I’m watching:

The Boys on Netflix.

I really enjoyed this mini-series that covers what it would look like if superheroes were just like you and me, but with laser eyes and super strength. Highly entertaining.

What I’m eating:

It’s been warm here in Seattle so i’ve gone hard on frozen treats. Specifically Seattle Pops. Delicious popsicles people. Follow them on the Instagram @

What I’m working on:

Working on being a better host, hosting cocktail parties for my friends, so don’t be surprised if you get a party invite. 😁.

Here’s a pic from my last one, celebrating my half-birthday!

I’m also writing more, i’m pretty proud of this post on the care and maintenance of your personal and professional network.

Check out 3 ways to audit your network. Let me know what resonated with you, or what you hated. Either works. Feedback is great.

The End

Thanks for reading!

Your pal,


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